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All-Region and All State Certificates!


NCVBCA All-Region and All-State Certificates are now available to download and print from the AVCA Certificate Database.

If you are having trouble finding a particular award try the following:

  • Leaving the "Year" drop-down menu on the default "All Years"
  • Leaving the "Division" drop-down menu on the default "All Divisions"
  • Searching the school name without acronyms or abbreviations
  • Searching by a smaller portion of the school name
  • Using Firefox browser instead of GoogleChrome
  • If you have any issues accessing your certificates, there is a typo, or wish your school to be listed differently, please email [email protected].


Read the above tips and click here to access the Certificate Database.


The North Carolina Volleyball Coaches Association (NCVBCA) is a proud member of the American Volleyball Coaches Association's Signature Affiliate Program. The NCVBCA was established as an AVCA Affiliate Partner and now joins Kentucky, New York, Alabama, Nebraska, and California as AVCA Signature Affiliate States. The AVCA Signature Affiliate Program was established in 2015 and is designed to incentivize AVCA membership, advance the high school volleyball community, and establish the AVCA as the official coaching education partner with the states that participate in the program.